The End of the Digital Native

22 Apr

The End of the Digital Native

Spring 2013 marks a new moment in time; a time where even the most digitally savvy leaders recognize that technology alone can’t drive business strategy. To compete you need customer-centric product development; brand strategy; differentiated marketing and leadership capable of attracting, engaging and motivating the best and the brightest employees.


2013 – Engaging Consumers with Content & Technology

11 Jan

29 Oct

Freemium apps continue to take the lionshare of revenue, but the real driver to whether an app should be paid or freemium is usage driven and how unique the content truly is


The mobile app world took to the freemium model with a passion last year, as revenue from freemium iOS(s aapl) apps eclipsed 50 percent mark in the US about a year ago. But in the last year, the momentum behind freemium apps has only grown stronger, according to new data from app analytics firm App Annie.

App Annie Intelligence, which tracks more than 700,000 apps, found that global revenues for freemium apps on iOS have quadrupled over the last 24 months. And for Google Play(s goog), worldwide freemium revenues have grown 3.5x in 2012. Now, freemium apps generate 69 percent of the worldwide iOS app revenue and 75 percent of global Android app revenues. Meanwhile, premium app revenue from paid download apps have remained relatively flat over the same periods.

The numbers confirm the trend we’ve been noticing but the fact that there’s been no let up shows just how…

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The News at Newsweek – Its Name Said it All

19 Oct

Yesterday’s announcement that Newsweek would cease publishing its print edition as of 2013 came as no surprise. ( Certainly the once influential brand faced the same print to digital  pressure that all traditional publishers are facing, but on an even more fundamental level Newsweek was felled by the fact that news long ago ceased to be a daily business – let alone a weekly one. 

Many traditional brands will succeed digitally. In fact, Reader’s Digest now sells more copies digitally than it does on print newsstands. (Disclosure: I was North American President of Reader’s Digest Parent Company until August 2012). The key is to ensure that your brand’s reason for being remains relevant regardless of distribution platform. That was something that Newsweek simply could not do – based on its name alone.

Digital Media Advertising – Art vs. Science

1 Oct

With increasing complexity comes the need for simplicity. Wonderful look at technology improvements and the “Art vs. Science” battle looming in digital media advertising


The Future of Business – Talent Matters

29 Sep

If you haven’t read this fascinating perspective on the recent NFL referee strike by University of Toronto Professor Roger Martin – do. It is a blueprint for what all businesses will continue to deal with to remain competitive in the years ahead:



Dan Lagani on Brand Building and Digital Transformation

27 Sep

Westchester Magazine Profile

A look at how the storied Reader’s Digest found new life online and through Kindle and iPad editions.


NY Times Profile on Leadership

2 Apr

NY Times Profife on Leadership

Dan Lagani Interview – “The Boss”


CNBC Interview on Reader’s Digest Digital Growth

2 Apr

CNBC Interview on Reader’s Digest Digital Growth

Dan Lagani on CNBC World Exchange

Fast Company Feature – Early Birds and Success

8 Feb

Fun Piece. Happy to be a included with the rest of the group!