The End of the Digital Native

22 Apr

The End of the Digital Native

Spring 2013 marks a new moment in time; a time where even the most digitally savvy leaders recognize that technology alone can’t drive business strategy. To compete you need customer-centric product development; brand strategy; differentiated marketing and leadership capable of attracting, engaging and motivating the best and the brightest employees.


Dan Lagani on Brand Building and Digital Transformation

27 Sep

Westchester Magazine Profile

A look at how the storied Reader’s Digest found new life online and through Kindle and iPad editions.


NY Times Profile on Leadership

2 Apr

NY Times Profife on Leadership

Dan Lagani Interview – “The Boss”


CNBC Interview on Reader’s Digest Digital Growth

2 Apr

CNBC Interview on Reader’s Digest Digital Growth

Dan Lagani on CNBC World Exchange